wow!Manage Pilot Contact Details

SkyManager serves as an online repository of pilot contact and demographic information. Administrators can run meaningful reports, review pilot credentials, and contact users with minimal effort. Pilots update their own account profiles, ensuring your database is always accurate.

Centralized hub of pilot information

Roster_Centralized hubSkyManager collects all pilot contact and flight proficiency information in one convenient location. With a few clicks, administrators can quickly review important user information such as: electronic flight log, transaction history, account balance, upcoming reservations for the user, medical expiration, biennial, aircraft checkouts, and security permissions. User fields displayed on the online roster are fully searchable, simplifying the research process.

In addition to accessing information, administrators can also link to relevant pilot-specific information from the roster page, allowing for quick and easy navigation. Commonly linked-to content includes: pilot contact information, flight proficiency, flight log, flight roster, account statement, and security permissions.

Accessible to pilots, 24/7

Roster_Accessible to pilotsEach pilot is assigned his or her own SkyManager log in account. Once logged in, pilots can determine what information will be available to other users in the system. For example, pilots able to serve as ‘safety pilots’ can make their contact information available on a designated list, accessible by other users.

Pilots are routinely prompted to update their own contact information, alleviating much of the administrative burden on your organization. This also ensures pilot information is always accurate and reliable.

Better engaged, informed pilots

Communicating with pilots is also easier with SkyManager. The system’s bulk email feature allows administrators to contact users instantly without going to the expense of a direct mail campaign. However, if your organization did want to send out letters or postcards, SkyManager also offers a convenient mail-merge option.


SkyManager in Action

SkyManager can benefit your FBO, flight school, university, or flying club.