SkyManager helps FBOs build efficiencies, automate processes, and improve bottom line performance. The intuitive cloud-based system offers a central portal for administrators, maintenance staff, and pilots. There are no hidden fees, and unlimited customer support is always included with your plan.

FBOs use SkyManager to schedule all aspects of daily operations, including dispatching, maintenance, and pilot rentals. Automatic invoicing and communication help FBOs stay better connected with pilots and ensure delinquent accounts are minimized.

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Flight Schools & Universities

Improve how your institution manages student and course information with SkyManager’s comprehensive feature set. In addition, integration with Jeppesen’s pilot ground training software turns SkyManager into a one-stop point of reference.

Syllabus tracking, student enrollment, student scheduling, and reporting make SkyManager the right choice for your flight school or university. SkyManager even automates many labor-intensive activities, such as time allocation and task assignment. Also, our student-based pricing makes the aircraft software both affordable and scalable.

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Flying Clubs

Keep your members informed and engaged with SkyManager. Flying clubs rely on SkyManager’s diverse feature set to automate the collection of membership dues, communicate with members, and reduce scheduling overlap.

SkyManager creates accessibility for both administrators and members. Members can log in and pay membership dues or flight balances online. Admins can instantly send a bulk email to all members, notifying them of upcoming events or announcements. These features help keep members informed, while simultaneously reducing inefficiencies.

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SkyManager in Action

SkyManager can benefit your FBO, flight school, university, or flying club.