wow!Best-in-Class Integrations

SkyManager takes airport integration to a whole new level. Integrations with popular applications such as Quickbooks, Paypal, Jeppesen Learning Center, and iCal will help your organization become more efficient.

QuickBooks & Paypal integration

Integrations_QuickbooksWhen an invoice is sent via SkyManager, records are automatically updated within QuickBooks. Also, the synchronization process considers any changed invoices in QuickBooks and moves them back into SkyManager. When a pilot logs into SkyManager, he or she sees all of the latest transaction information.

SkyManager can also be configured to accept Paypal payments. This feature offers your pilots additional flexibility in how they make online payments.

Jeppesen Learning Center integration

SkyManager also connects to Jeppesen’s online system for pilot ground training, offering your organization a central training dashboard. Retrieve student records, run reports, and identify trends from an intuitive interface.

Apple iCal integration

Integrations_Apple iCalSkyManager’s schedule can be configured as an iCal feed, allowing pilots or administrators to add upcoming flight information to their personal calendars.

This is especially useful for those with smartphones, tablet devices, or virtually anyone who uses an online personal calendar. Stay informed of upcoming reservations and events with the SkyManager iCal integration.

SkyManager in Action

SkyManager can benefit your FBO, flight school, university, or flying club.