wow!Electronic Flight Record Keeping

Improve your record keeping processes with SkyManager’s online flight log feature. Pilots help minimize the administrative burden on staff by entering important flight information during check-in. SkyManager also serves as a historical archive of all flight activity.

Pilot-managed flight information

Flight Logs_Pilot ManagedUpon returning the aircraft, the pilot is prompted to enter important flight information including Hobbs start and end time, tachometer time, fuel added, oil added, and landing count. In addition, SkyManager can be configured so it automatically records the flight date, time, and total duration. The pilot or admin can edit this information or fill in additional details at a later time. All information is stored accurately and securely in SkyManager.

A handy backup to paper flight log books

Flight Logs_Handy Backup to paper flight ogsSkyManager automatically tracks hourly totals for each category of information, such as origin and destination locations, the number and type of approaches and landings, the actual or simulated instrument time, the hours of day or night flight, the hours earned as pilot-in-command or dual pilot, and general remarks associated with the flight. The system virtually replaces the need for a paper flight log book!

Better accuracy, better security

Putting pilots in control of their own flight information can significantly reduce your administrative workload while streamlining the check-in process. In addition, you’re able to reduce risk by keeping important details within the online portal. No more lost or messy handwritten notes.

SkyManager in Action

SkyManager can benefit your FBO, flight school, university, or flying club.