wow!Pilot Accounting & Billing Software

Keeping track of pilot balances via spreadsheets, handwritten invoices, or even QuickBooks has obvious limitations. SkyManager is a pilot-specific software that helps FBOs, flight clubs, and other organizations better manage receivables. Invoicing, account management, and collections are all processed within SkyManager.

Efficiency through automatic pilot billing

Accounting_efficiency through automatic billingSkyManager makes it easy to bill for pilot dues, flight time, fuel, and other expenses. The information is compiled automatically by category and user. Transaction categories can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. Common examples include: deposits, dues, fines, fuel, and aircraft rental charges. SkyManager also automatically calculates and itemizes tax due for appropriate expenses. Advanced users can configure SkyManager to accommodate multiple rental, instruction, discount, and block rates.

Administrators also benefit from SkyManager’s vast reporting capability. With a few clicks, admins have instant access to a user’s balance and purchase history. This is particularly useful for FBOs who need to record equipment sales, tie-down time, etc.

Online payment portal for pilots

Accounting_efficiency through automatic billingPilots can always be aware of their current account balances and transaction histories by logging into SkyManager. SkyManager instantly updates account balance information to reflect electronically recorded payments.

Perhaps most importantly, SkyManager offers pilots a secure, convenient way to make a payment via credit card. Pilots can log in, review balances, and pay online with a few clicks. No more chasing delinquent accounts or overdue balances.

Close the gap on accounts receivable

With margins thinner than ever, reducing accounts receivables represents a major opportunity for many flight-based operations. SkyManager’s integration with QuickBooks helps users gain much-needed visibility into overdue accounts. In addition, SkyManager automatically checks a pilot’s standing each time a new reservation or dispatch is requested. Upon identifying a delinquent account, SkyManager prevents that pilot from scheduling or dispatching. For added visibility, administrators can even print and post the infamous “wall of shame” report, which is a list of pilots with negative balances.



SkyManager in Action

SkyManager can benefit your FBO, flight school, university, or flying club.