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SkyManager is the trusted name in aviation scheduling software. Your operations team and your pilots will appreciate the intuitive, web-based scheduling interface. In addition, your organization will be able to improve overall profitability by reducing accounts receivable, schedule overlap, and waste. Let’s take a look at how this is possible.

Intuitive, color-coded scheduling interface

Scheduling_Color Coded Schedule

SkyManager’s color-coded interface offers an at-a-glance scheduling dashboard. Pilots and staff can quickly review aircraft status (down for maintenance, returned, dispatched, pending dispatch). Aircraft are listed by model & designation, making it easy to review availability.

Setting a new reservation is just a few clicks away. SkyManager schedules both aircraft and instructors within a single reservation, ensuring your resources are always in the right place. To plan for future reservations, simply jump to the month, day, or hour slot of your choosing. In addition, administrators can allow reservations to be automatically bumped by other similar aircraft (based on tail number or first available of a given model type) when a scheduled aircraft is downed for maintenance.

Access to aircraft schedules from anywhere

Scheduling_Access to Aircraft SchedulesPilots will appreciate SkyManager’s accessibility. The system keeps pilots informed of resource availability and allows them to identify available time slots or create alternate reservations. In addition, pilots can set notifications to be sent via email when an aircraft becomes available. Each user can restrict the schedule view to display only the aircraft and instructors he or she uses regularly. Also, each pilot is presented with a summary of personal future flights just below the full schedule. Pilots can review daily or monthly schedules in personal or custom views, helping them stay better informed and engaged.

Positive impact to your bottom line

SkyManager’s scheduling features help organizations make more efficient use of aircraft. Keep more planes in the sky and not on the tarmac waiting. In addition, you’ll be able to minimize inefficiencies that arise due to maintenance or user-related issues (like cancellations, etc).

FBOs, flight clubs, and other organizations can also improve profitability by reducing account receivable balances. SkyManager automatically prevents pilots with insufficient account balances from scheduling flights. Furthermore, SkyManager can be configured to require pre-authorization for reservations of extended durations or those that are requested far in advance. SkyManager also checks pilot balances prior to allowing dispatch. Admins can also identify when and why reservations are cancelled by users, enforce cancellation policies, and identify trends.

SkyManager in Action

SkyManager can benefit your FBO, flight school, university, or flying club.