wow!Instantly Communicate with Pilots

SkyManager serves as an information hub for pilots. Admins can post events, announcements, and NOTAM information for pilots to review at their leisure. In addition, METAR information is automatically displayed. Quickly search, sort, and email your pilots from the intuitive dashboard.

Countless ways to keep pilots engaged

Communication_Countless ways to engage pilotsKeeping pilots informed is an important responsibility. SkyManager works behind the scenes to streamline the content cultivation process. Here are a few of the interactive communication features within SkyManager:

  • NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen): Post known hazards, closed runways, runway status with respect to snow, ice, and standing water (SNOWTAM), and more.
  • Event Calendar: Engage your pilots by posting on the interactive event calendar. Events can either be made “public” (visible at the login page), “private” (visible after login), or both.
  • Announcements: Post helpful, informative, or fun announcements for your pilots to see.
  • Automatic METAR and TAF updates: SkyManager automatically displays important METAR and TAF information to enhance preflight weather briefings. In addition, the tool offers sunrise and sunset times, along with aviation news from Avweb.
  • Bulk Email: Email some or all of your pilots from the SkyManager dashboard.

Pilot discussion forums and dashboard

Communication_Pilot discussion forumEach pilot has his or her own SkyManager login account. Once signed in, pilots can securely access the event calendar, NOTAMs, announcements, and more. Pilots can also participate in discussion forums which they find interesting. SkyManager also prompts pilots when proficiencies are about to expire.

SkyManager saves you time and money

Communication_Save Time and MoneySkyManager simplifies the entire communication process. Instead of sending expensive postal mailings, administrators can utilize the bulk email feature to save time and money.

In addition, administrators can post event information and announcements to be viewed by pilots upon logging into the system.

SkyManager in Action

SkyManager can benefit your FBO, flight school, university, or flying club.