Here is what I love about SkyScheduler: I never drive to the airport to make a schedule change or a payment to my account only to find that the office is closed. The aircraft dispatching system lets me know when I make an error, for example, putting in the wrong Hobbs during check-in. This prevents me from getting angry letters from the operations manager. SkyScheduler lists all of my upcoming reservations so I don’t have to flip through piles of paper trying figure out my schedule. The Member Center page page displays important information as soon as I log on so I don’t have to call the office or drive to the club to hear about current events. SkyScheduler’s automatic flight log feature is useful when there is something in your logbook but you need to go back and get more information about it. SkyScheduler also provides a good back-up to your paper logbook. Navigating the system took about 30 to 40 SECONDS to learn. The system is very stable. It has never done anything unexpected. I think it’s the best change the club has made in years. Special thanks to you for your outstanding work!- Matthew C. Lane, Pilot
I think SkyScheduler is a fantastic investment. The feature to be automatically emailed if your alternate spot opens is a big money- making feature for the club.- Aaron Kiley, Pilot
I wanted to let you know that I think SkyScheduler is great. I am very pleased with this innovation and wanted to thank you and your team for your efforts.- Dov Brachfeld, Pilot
…since I live 45 minutes from the airport, I find SkyScheduler useful and very convenient for scheduling.- Russ Griebel, Pilot
I just want to let you know how impressed I am with SkyScheduler. The front end is user-friendly and having the entire membership roster at your fingertips is very useful indeed. This is a great step forward in terms of user comfort.- Nasir Khawaja, Pilot
Just a short note to complement you on a very excellent program. I’ve been a student at [another FBO] since last August, and use [a competitor’s system] for all of my training schedule there. I am qualified to give you a comparative opinion. Your program, SkyScheduler, is much more user friendly and far more capable. I just recently joined University of Michigan Flyers and was delighted the first time I got online and accessed the training schedule using your software. [The competitor’s software] is very slow, doesn’t have most of your features, and cumbersome to use (students must make separate entries for the instructor and the plane!). In contrast, SkyScheduler yields instant results and is designed with the pilot/student in mind. Your access to account information is also very helpful for those of us on a budget. Congratulations on a very excellent product!- James R. Balzer, Pilot
The online maintenance discrepancy reporting has done wonders for keeping track of those ‘squawks’ that seem to get lost in the shuffle. Everyone knows the flight status of a particular aircraft at any given time.- Dan Lastowski, Maintenance Officer
SkyScheduler has helped increase productivity tremendously. Flight Instructors know well in advance who they will be flying with at a quick glance. There are no more surprises for us.- Teila Beauchamp, Chief Flight Instructor
Since we’ve used SkyScheduler, our phone traffic has been cut in half. We can now focus on talking to potential customers on the phone rather than checking the schedule for students.- Gregg Hynes, Administrative Assistant

SkyManager in Action

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