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SkyManager streamlines virtually every aspect of general aviation maintenance. From discrepancy submission to issue tracking and scheduled maintenance, the cloud-based tool automates a traditionally labor-intensive process.

Pilot-initiated maintenance discrepancies

Maintenance_Pilot initiated discrepancies-fullPilots are often the first to discover a maintenance discrepancy. With SkyManager, your pilots are able to initiate maintenance discrepancies without any red tape. Upon discovery of an issue, pilots simply log the discrepancy into SkyManager. Notifications are emailed immediately to administrators and maintenance personnel. A ticket is also automatically filed in SkyManager’s maintenance tracking system. If necessary, a pilot can even down the aircraft to ensure other pilots are aware of the problem.

If an aircraft is downed, it is indicated in red on the schedule. Also, pilots with upcoming reservations are immediately notified of the problem before they drive to the airport. Once a critical maintenance discrepancy has been issued for an aircraft, the aircraft cannot be dispatched without the approval of admin staff.

During dispatch, a summary of maintenance discrepancies (resolved and unresolved) is presented to the pilot during dispatch to improve the pilot’s awareness of his aircraft.

Improved visibility for maintenance staff

Maintenance_Improved visibilityMaintenance personnel receive automated maintenance discrepancy emails, alerting them the instant a new issue is identified. As discrepancies are reported, they are assigned a priority rating. This helps maintenance personnel to determine which discrepancies to address first. As issues are addressed, maintenance staff and administrators can add follow-ups and notes.

Maintenance personnel can also override existing reservations in order to reserve an aircraft for scheduled maintenance. Whenever a maintenance reservation is created, other scheduled reservations automatically become alternates or are transferred to a similar aircraft, and pilots are notified of the changes by email. Future scheduled maintenance reservations can be tracked by Hobbs, tachometer, or TTAF.

Total automation of aircraft maintenance

Utilizing an aviation maintenance software like SkyManager helps your organization build efficiency through automation. Email workflows mitigate bottlenecks and foster improved communication among pilots, staff, and management. Maintenance data is automatically stored and tracked within the system, serving as a historical record log for each aircraft. SkyManager offers a detailed summary of each discrepancy from initial report to resolution, which of course can be useful information for FAA compliance requirements.

SkyManager in Action

SkyManager can benefit your FBO, flight school, university, or flying club.