QuickBooks & Aviation Management

QuickBooks dominates the small business bookkeeping landscape. In fact, Intuit (the parent company) boasts over 4.5 million users and a whopping 90% marketshare among small businesses.

The aviation industry is no different. Countless flight schools and FBOs use QuickBooks for tracking revenue and expenses. In this article, we’ll offer tips for integrating QuickBooks into your daily operations.

Why QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is quite popular among aviation-related organizations (and just about any other small business) because it’s reasonably simple to understand, and it’s relatively inexpensive. Once you get your bookkeeping system on this platform, you can easily generate reports to analyze your business. The system also streamlines many aspects of tax preparation. (By the way, tax professionals love the export feature.)

Operations Management Software

Forward-thinking aviation organizations have QuickBooks Integrationalso adopted aviation management suites, such as SkyManager. Such tools help FBOs, flying clubs, and flight schools more effectively manage resources. For example, SkyManager helps organizations manage pilots, schedule reservations, dispatch aircraft, and collect payment for dues and pilot fees.

As you might imagine, there can be overlapping tasks between QuickBooks and your operations management software. Where overlap exists, there’s always a risk that new inefficiencies will be created. That’s unless you can make the two software applications “talk” to one another.

SkyManager’s seamless integration connects the dots between your finances and your operations.

Integrating with Daily Operations

With SkyManager’s QuickBooks integration, information from both systems are automatically synchronized behind the scenes. For example, when you make a change to an invoice in SkyManager, it automatically updates QuickBooks. It’s that simple.

The two systems “talk” back and forth to make sure all of your invoicing, bookkeeping, and accounting information is synced. This reduces data entry significantly and ultimately saves the user time and money.

Additional Integrations

Not only does SkyManager sync with QuickBooks; it integrates with many other popular software applications, too. SkyManager can be configured to work with PayPal to make online payments seamless. Looking beyond accounting, SkyManager also connects to Jeppesen Learning Center for easy access to student records and reports.

Total Operations Management

In short, SkyManager serves as your organization’s operations dashboard. Thanks to powerful, intuitive integrations, you can stay focused on growing your business…and the bottom line.

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SkyManager in Action

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