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Pilots all want the same thing: more flying time. SkyManager ClientsThey want to reduce the time spent scheduling aircraft, changing aircraft reservations, communicating with the flying club or FBO, updating flight logs, and paying for flight time. Pilots also want aircraft managers to work efficiently and keep costs low so they can get more for every flying dollar. In short, pilots want better resource management.

SkyManager is a popular aviation management system used by many of the top flying clubs, flight schools, FBOs, and commercial aviation businesses. It is an integrated system for aircraft scheduling, maintenance, and management that translates into greater value for a pilot’s flying budget.

In this article, we’ll explore how an aviation management software like SkyManager can help pilots get more time in the air.

Smarter Scheduling

SkyManager makes aircraft and pilot scheduling easier and more accurate. With your own account you can get up-to-the-minute information on aircraft availability and scheduling from any computer in the world. You can set up a reservation in just seconds, selecting from all available aircraft for which you are eligible.

Reservation Updates

Changing an aircraft reservation is easy with the SkyManager system. If your favorite wings are unavailable, alternate aircraft are offered. You can also quickly check your favorite instructor’s schedule with a few clicks. All scheduling is done on a color-coded calendar that can be customized to fit your preferences.

Squawk Lists

Stuff happens. At the end of a flight, you can immediately note any discrepancies or squawks to the aircraft data file and be assured that they will be instantly reported to maintenance and management. Of course, you can also check the aircraft’s squawk list as part of your pre-flight to verify that any reported problems have been resolved before you go flying.

Smooth Communications

SkyManager fosters open communication between pilots and management. From the intuitive dashboard you can ask a question or report a problem. Managers, departments, instructors, and even other pilots can be added to your contact list. Select the recipient and send your message. If the recipient is logged into SkyManager, you may get an immediate response. Otherwise, your message will be queued for the next time he or she logs on.

Your pilot account also offers an interactive message board, event calendar, announcements, and NOTAMs. You even can receive automatic METAR and TAF updates plus the latest aviation news.

Easier Flight Logs

SkyManager includes pilot-managed flight information and flight logs to help you record your flying time. You can access your historical flight archive from anywhere to help you maintain or supplement your paper log book.

Easier Payment

The hardest part of flying is paying for flight time. SkyManager makes it easier with automated pilot billing that tells you when, where, and what you flew as well as the charges. If you have automatic payment set up, it can perform the transfer for you. You also can pay your flight invoices online using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account thanks to SkyManager’s PayPal integration.

Get more flying time. Tell your flying club, flight school, or FBO about the many pilot and management advantages of SkyManager.

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