Simplified Flight Training Management

Flight training is a process. The more thatSyllabusTracking flight schools and universities standardize and streamline that process, the more successful their students will be – and the more profitable the schools become.

Advanced flight management tools, such as SkyManager, offer easy set-up of training syllabi as well as tracking of students, instructors, and aircraft for optimum use of assets. SkyManager even integrates into the training and scheduling needs of Part 61 and Part 141 flight schools and universities, offering an easy-to-manage digitized curriculum.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how flight schools and universities are leveraging technology to achieve more goals.

Digital Syllabi

Flight schools and universities follow FAA training requirements to meet the needs of their niche markets and students. They also adapt Jeppesen Learning Center and other curriculum into their training programs. SkyManager can accept any syllabus to be digitized for use, including common resources like Jeppesen.

As important, each syllabus can be changed as needed by an authorized instructor or manager with Internet access from anywhere in the world.

Tracking Students

Students, instructors, and managers often desire access to certain data points that indicate student progress and instructor effectiveness. The SkyManager pilot and aircraft management system individually tracks each student’s progress and results. It also offers instructors comparative results of various training methods to “teach the teacher.”

Progress Grading

Flight students appreciate how SkyManager offers real-time access to their grades and progress reports. With easy online restricted access, students can check their grades from anywhere – without the temptation of changing data. Results are displayed graphically to help students visualize their progress.

Student Reports

As students reach specific flight milestones, they gain clarity into how they are doing and what they can do to improve. If the Jeppesen Learning Center is being used, seamless integration between the two systems offers students and instructors additional visibility. Such individualized feedback encourages student progress without overburdening instructors with paperwork.

Training Audits

FAA audits are a fact of flight training. An integrated aviation management system like SkyManager can instantly provide the necessary data for these audits. No more scrambling for the right document at the last minute.

Scalable & Affordable

SkyManager offers a per-student fee structure that can be a component of their tuition or other fees. The system can easily be set up for one to an infinite number of students and aircraft to fit the budget of any flight school or university.

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