Electronic vs. Paper Log Books

Electronic logbooks are becoming increasingly popular; however, some pilots still opt exclusively for paper. There’s little argument that the electronic variety has many advantages. Below we’ll weigh in on paper versus electronic logbooks.

Why Use Paper?

Clearly the advantage of paper is the fact that Flying Clubsit’s “low tech.” Obviously, there’s no real learning curve. As long as you can physically write, you’re in business. Paper is also very mobile and usually readily available. With this said, many pilots continue with the paper method simply for nostalgic purposes or because it’s “always the way I’ve done it.”

The Many Benefits of an Electronic Logbook

Sure, using an electronic logbook may require a slight learning curve. However, there is a wide variety of advantages to electronic logbooks. The bottom line is electronic records can reduce your administrative time significantly.

Automation: For example, when using a system like SkyManager, much of your record keeping can be automated. Because the data is entered by the pilot at check in, the steps are shortened and the burden on your administrative staff is lessened. Once the basics are recorded, the information is stored by the system.

Better Recall: Records can be quickly sorted and recalled. This makes it easy to find the information and amend it at a later time. Details like origin, destination, time, approaches, day or night time hours and more are automatically logged, keeping your records will be extremely accurate.

Security: Most electronic logbooks use cloud storage. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about misplacing your data. Cloud-based systems store your information on their servers; if your computer crashes, then your records are still accessible from any Internet-connected device. These systems are also extremely secure and reliable.

Get Started with an Electronic Backup Today

Additionally, it’s important to note that there’s no rule saying you have to choose one method over the other. Many pilots like to jot down quick notes in the field and then expand on and store them electronically. The electronic version provides an outstanding backup that can be sorted and/or recalled whenever needed. This is the perfect way to get the most enjoyment and accuracy.

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