Streamlining your flight club’s operations

Flight clubs utilize SkyManager to automate dues collections, reduce scheduling overlap, and build efficiencies. In addition, the tool also helps clubs better engage its members via email and the user dashboard.

Stop chasing dues & receivables

SkyManager is a multi-faceted flying club software, offering automation to traditionally labor-intensive tasks such as collections management. Since each user has his or her own SkyManager account, dues and pilot fees can be paid from the convenient online member portal. SkyManager keeps track of renewal dates and automatically alerts members of upcoming charges. If members fail to pay overdue balances, SkyManager can automatically prevent delinquent pilots from scheduling or dispatching aircraft.

Engage your members

With a just few clicks, you can send your members a custom email. In addition, each time a member logs into his or her SkyManager account, he or she will see the online news dashboard. The dashboard can be updated by your staff to include announcements, events, weather updates, and other helpful information. In addition, METAR information is automatically displayed.

SkyManager also offers your members a platform for reporting maintenance discrepancies. Waiting for maintenance staff to identify potential issues is now a thing of the past.

Eliminate bottlenecks

SkyManager is known among many flying clubs for being a best-in-class scheduling software. The system streamlines virtually every aspect of scheduling, yielding less overlap and happier members. For example, as a member’s reservation approaches, he or she will be automatically notified if a cancellation has occurred. This type of service helps your club reduce bottlenecks while simultaneously improving member satisfaction.

SkyManager also offers an intuitive reporting capability, allowing your club to easily identify membership growth and trends. No more spreadsheets or handwritten notes.

SkyManager in Action

SkyManager can benefit your FBO, flight school, university, or flying club.