You instruct…we’ll handle the rest

Aviation education programs of all types utilize SkyManager’s intuitive scheduling and student management platform. Features such as syllabus tracking, lesson grading, and student / instructor scheduling help facilitate a more conducive learning environment.

Syllabus tracking made easy

Aviation universities appreciate SkyManager’s automated syllabus tracking feature, which makes it possible to digitize syllabi. This information is automatically integrated into the flight schedule, ensuring fair allocation of flight time among students. Direct integration with Jeppesen Learning Center offers your organization additional levels of insight to how students are progressing.

Course management & automation

SkyManager automates the traditionally labor-intensive aspects of pilot instruction. The tool tracks student course enrollment, produces graphical progress reports, and even simplifies lesson grading and task assignment. Custom reports pertaining to Part 61 and 141 requirements can also be generated to assist with FAA audit preparation. In addition, SkyManager supports scheduling templates, reservation series, and copy-and-paste.

Student-based pricing

SkyManager’s pricing is based on a per-student model. This means that in many cases your university or school can pass this along to your students as part of their tuition or associated fees. Click here to learn more about pricing for the industry’s leading flight school scheduling software.

SkyManager in Action

SkyManager can benefit your FBO, flight school, university, or flying club.