Aircraft Maintenance & Profitability

Profitability is always a challenge in aviation where minutes and dollars add up quickly. Efficient aircraft maintenance can make the difference between profit and loss for an FBO, flight school or commercial aviation businesses. As an aircraft manager, you must stay ahead of aircraft maintenance and FAA compliance with accurate data and costs. Aircraft maintenance software can increase your business’ profitability in many ways.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how automation of maintenance discrepancy reporting and tracking can impact your organization’s bottom line.

Pilot-Initiated Discrepancies

icon-maintenance1Squawks can happen at any time and professional pilots know their importance to aircraft maintenance and safety. If pilots have an easy way to immediately report a discrepancy, problems can be managed better and resolved faster. SkyManager is a popular flight scheduling and aviation management suite. This aircraft maintenance software allows pilots to submit discrepancy tickets and even report severity in a matter of seconds.

Best of all, pilot-initiated discrepancy reports are made in real-time, immediately notifying managers and maintenance of problems encountered by the pilot. Follow-up emails can help clarify and possibly correct squawks.

Any authorized person in the operation with controlled access to SkyManager can initiate a maintenance discrepancy. Reports can be made and read from any authorized and secure computer because SkyManager uses distributed or “cloud” computing. It’s as simple as logging on and reporting.

Maintenance Tracking

Once reported, a maintenance discrepancy can be managed in many ways. You can set up notifications so that specific people and departments receive emails. You also can identify who is permitted to “resolve” a maintenance discrepancy. You can even notify flight crews of changes in equipment before scheduled flights.

Another feature of SkyManager is the ability to easily set up maintenance reservations, such as oil changes and STC checks for any single aircraft in the fleet, by type, location, or other criteria. Also, maintenance requests can be triggered by Hobbs, tachometer, TTAF, or TSO data. Workflow communication is automated at your direction.

Because aircraft maintenance reporting is seamlessly integrated with scheduling, dispatching, crew management, communications, and accounting, aircraft managers can stay ahead of potential problems. It also makes FAA compliance easier to track and report.

Aviation Profitability

The key to profitability in aviation is real-time management of ever-changing conditions. Weather impacts flight scheduling. Crew availability is essential. But aircraft maintenance and safety are equally important. In the competitive business of aircraft management – by FBOs, flight schools, commercial flight operations – streamlining aircraft maintenance greatly impacts overall profitability. With a tool like SkyManager, management of critical business decisions can be made faster, easier, and more efficiently.

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